42 vol.: 0
Price: 0.45
BTC vol.: 0
666 vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000019
BTC vol.: 0
AC vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000019
BTC vol.: 0
ANI vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000002
BTC vol.: 0
AUR vol.: 0
Price: 0.00018659
BTC vol.: 0
BC vol.: 0
Price: 0.0001001
BTC vol.: 0
BET vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000066
BTC vol.: 0
BNS vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
BRD vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
BST vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
BTCS vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000007
BTC vol.: 0
BTQ vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000053
BTC vol.: 0
BUMBA vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000008
BTC vol.: 0
BUN vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
CARB vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000002
BTC vol.: 0
CDN vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000012
BTC vol.: 0
CHA vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000002
BTC vol.: 0
CLAM vol.: 0
Price: 0.00744648
BTC vol.: 0
CLR vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000044
BTC vol.: 0
CPTL vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000006
BTC vol.: 0
CZR vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000072
BTC vol.: 0
DASH vol.: 0
Price: 0.00850086
BTC vol.: 0
DGB vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000005
BTC vol.: 0
DIEM vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000001
BTC vol.: 0
DMD vol.: 0
Price: 0.00026009
BTC vol.: 0
DOGE vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000078
BTC vol.: 0
DOPE vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000021
BTC vol.: 0
DUCK vol.: 0
Price: 0.017
BTC vol.: 0
EAC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000009
BTC vol.: 0
ECC vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000001
BTC vol.: 0
EMC2 vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000044
BTC vol.: 0
ERC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000188
BTC vol.: 0
FAIL vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
FAIR vol.: 0
Price: 0.00002024
BTC vol.: 0
FFC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000003
BTC vol.: 0
FJC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000124
BTC vol.: 0
FST vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000101
BTC vol.: 0
FTC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00008
BTC vol.: 0
FUNK vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
GLC vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000015
BTC vol.: 0
GMC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000694
BTC vol.: 0
GRS vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000022
BTC vol.: 0
GXG vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
H2O vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
HTML5 vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
HYPER vol.: 0
Price: 0.00004002
BTC vol.: 0
I0C vol.: 0
Price: 0.000041
BTC vol.: 0
IPC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
IXC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00004442
BTC vol.: 0
KARM vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
LIMX vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000002
BTC vol.: 0
LKY vol.: 0
Price: 0.000004
BTC vol.: 0
LOT vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
LTC vol.: 0
Price: 0.01400001
BTC vol.: 0
MAC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000006
BTC vol.: 0
MINT vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000033
BTC vol.: 0
MOBI vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000012
BTC vol.: 0
MTC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000303
BTC vol.: 0
MZC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000046
BTC vol.: 0
NLG vol.: 0
Price: 0.000003
BTC vol.: 0
NMC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00235347
BTC vol.: 0
NOBL vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000008
BTC vol.: 0
NOTE vol.: 0
Price: 0.000011
BTC vol.: 0
NVC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00272783
BTC vol.: 0
O2O vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
ORB vol.: 0
Price: 0.00004191
BTC vol.: 0
ORO vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000055
BTC vol.: 0
OSC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000118
BTC vol.: 0
PHC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000002
BTC vol.: 0
PMP vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000605
BTC vol.: 0
PND vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
PPC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00159999
BTC vol.: 0
PWNY vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000003
BTC vol.: 0
QRK vol.: 0
Price: 0.00001601
BTC vol.: 0
RDD vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000004
BTC vol.: 0
SAT vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
SLG vol.: 0
Price: 0.00001015
BTC vol.: 0
SMB vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
SPC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
START vol.: 0
Price: 0.00011156
BTC vol.: 0
TCO vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
TEK vol.: 0
Price: 0.00003359
BTC vol.: 0
TIPS vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
TOP vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000005
BTC vol.: 0
UN vol.: 0
Price: 0.00110033
BTC vol.: 0
VGC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000018
BTC vol.: 0
VOLT vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
WAM vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
WATER vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000065
BTC vol.: 0
WDC vol.: 0
Price: 0.000008
BTC vol.: 0
XDC vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000001
BTC vol.: 0
XMG vol.: 0
Price: 0.00004724
BTC vol.: 0
ZEIT vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000003
BTC vol.: 0
ZMB vol.: 0
Price: 0.00000004
BTC vol.: 0
ZS vol.: 0
Price: 0.0000004
BTC vol.: 0


Comkort latest updates
  • Now  14:34
    Our plans and gratitude
    on 09.06.2015 0 comments

    First of all, we greatly appreciate your feedback.

    Read more

  •  23:15
    Comkort - closed
    on 02.06.2015 51 comment

    Dear Users,

    Regretfully we have to inform you that Comkort exchange is ceasing operation. Throughout the whole term of our existence we have strived to deliver an the best possible service for profitable cryptocurrency trading. And yet, the time has come to terminate our service.

    In light of these event ALL users have to withdraw their funds before July 19th, 2015 inclusively. July 20th, 2015 we will suspend servers which will deactivate all the wallets and all further withdrawals will be technically impossible.

    Trading will be stopped July 1st, 2015 at 18:00 GMT. All active orders will be cancelled.

    We kindly ask you to help us spread the news by retweeting our tweet and by simply sharing the news, since it will greatly facilitate the transition process.

    We thank all of you, who has been with us these past years. We learned through our project, which would not have existed without your support.

    The reason for closing is quite simple - the exchange has not been profitable. And NO - we will not sell the source code )

    Withdraw and possible issues

    During withdraw you can get error. Don't panic. Just let us know creating support ticket and we will fix it.

    We wish you all best of luck.

    Read more

  •  11:31
    Delist of inactive coins
    on 17.04.2015 4 comments

    Dear Comkort User!

    We would like to inform you that some of the coins previously listed on Comkort will be delisted due to low trading activity over the extensive period of time.

    The deadline for withdrawing your funds is 7 May 2015

    Please note that once the coins are removed from the exchange we will not be able to retrieve your funds. Please withdraw your funds before 7 of May

    The list of the to be delisted coins is below:

    Read more

  •  06:29
    Payeer paygate
    on 09.02.2015 1 comment

    Dear users,

    Payeer paygate temporarily disabled

    We apologize for the inconvenience

    Read more

  •  10:58
    Maintenance on 04 of February
    on 03.02.2015 1 comment

    Dear users! Tomorrow, 04th of February, from 04:00PM till 06:00 PM (GMT) we will stop service for maintenance. During two hours we are going to update some service modules.

    Read more

  •  17:04
    OkPay processing
    on 24.01.2015 0 comments

    Dear users,

    Today we found a problem in processing of payments through OKPAY. The problem was not critical, but part of the deposit has not been credited to the accounts of users. Now this problem is solved and all deposits were enrolled .

    We apologize for the inconvenience

    Read more

  •  02:09
    State of Bitcoin 2015: Ecosystem Grows Despite Price Decline
    on 19.01.2015 0 comments

    CoinDesk is pleased to announce the latest quarterly State of Bitcoin report, featuring a 2014 Year in Review, an in-depth analysis of data and events from the fourth quarter of 2014 and a look ahead to what 2015 might bring. Overall, 2014 could be characterized as a "Tale of Two Bitcoins".

    Read more

  •  14:05
    Bitcoin Course Overview - the long-awaited rebound
    on 15.01.2015 0 comments

    Today gave a break required for safe and adequate assessment of the market situation.

    The rate came up to the value of $ 160, but returned to the first designated to date fulcrum around $ 200, which is now.

    Read more

  •  06:35
    The Strangest Altcoins of 2014
    on 06.01.2015 0 comments

    The past 12 months have seen a veritable explosion in the number of alternative digital currencies, otherwise known as altcoins.

    The numbers for exactly how many altcoins are in existence vary depending on the measure. lists 554 cryptocurrencies at the time of writing – up from around 67 a year ago.

    Read more

  •  03:24
    Bitcoin Predictions for 2014: How the Pundits Fared
    on 05.01.2015 3 comments

    If there was one word that could describe bitcoin over the past year, it would be 'unpredictable'. So, with that in mind and armed with 20/20 hindsight at year's end, it's fun to go back and look at all the people who tried to do just that.

    Whether they prognosticated over the entrails of dead animals or defunct bitcoin exchanges, actual data or emotional investment, the results were – perhaps unsurprisingly – often far off the mark.

    A large majority of bitcoin fortune-tellers focused on whether the price would go stratospheric or tank, but other more thoughtful commentators looked at other aspects of the digital currency ecosystem, such as  venture investment, politics, or emergence of alternative currencies.

    Let's look at what the pundits predicted for bitcoin in 2014.

    Read more

  •  07:30
    Mailing system update
    on 15.12.2014 0 comments

    Dear Users,

    Today we have updated our mailing system. Here is the list of improvements:

    1. Mailing service optimization
    2. Optional deposit and payout notifications. You can find these settings on your personal cabinet
    3. We are working with two mailing services. Presently there is an option to individually change mailing service in case of email delivery failure
    4. Email layout was amended to properly reflect daily referral payouts.

    Read more

  •  07:55
    XXLCoin withdrawal
    on 27.11.2014 1 comment

    There is an issue with XXLCoin wallet and its withdrawal. We will try to solve it ASAP. But it will take minimum two days for us to solve it.

    Read more

  •  13:27
    November improvements, USD
    on 12.11.2014 0 comments

    Dear Users, 

    In the previous 7 days we have performed two updates, whereby we have fixed several UI errors, fine-tuned existing features and added Fiat

    So here is the detailed spread of our updates

    1. USD: we began accepting USD and opened  markets for trade. We are currently in Beta testing phase. At the moment Users can replenish funds via Okpay and Payeer
    2. We have fixed display of transaction type in trading history
    3. ...

    Read more

  •  22:31
    Fiat trading Start
    on 06.11.2014 6 comments

    Comkort is a cryptocurrency exchange that opened its “web-doors” back in February 2014. Initially Comkort’s idea was to provide a crypto-only platform, where traders could take advantage of the wide range of coins under a single roof.

    However, having to stay up to speed with market evolution, we’ve come to a decision – “it is time to introduce Fiat trading.” The basic concept has not changed: Comkort still homes a great variety of altcoins, yet now, with an option to purchase them for currency.

    On November 5th Comkort launched Beta version of Fiat trading option. For two weeks we will be collecting feedback and closely monitor activity to be able to fine-tune the process and deliver flawless post-beta results.

    Read more

  •  16:58
    Animecoin audit completed
    on 21.10.2014 0 comments

    We have completed Animecoin audit, resumed trading and allow withdrawals.

    PLEASE NOTE: all addresses for ANI deposits were reset. Please obtain a new address for deposits.

    We remind you that we blocked ANI coin trading previous week. The reason being was repetitive transaction processing for coins that were credited previously. The systems has automatically blocked withdrawals due to the discrepancy in wallet's balance and DB balance.

    Should you have any questions, please contact our tech support.

    Read more

  •  13:01
    API moved to new server
    on 21.10.2014 0 comments

    Today we moved our API to separate server.

    Also, now we limit 5 requests per 1 second for one IP.

    Exceeding this limit will cause 429 status.

    Read more

  •  22:10
    FastCoin synchronization
    on 18.10.2014 3 comments

    Unfortunately our FastCoin wallet was launched too soon and was not properly synchronized.

    As soon as we complete synchronization all deposits will be credited automatically. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

    Read more

  •  17:21
    Animecoin maintenance
    on 16.10.2014 2 comments

    Comkort had to suspend Animecoin trading due to multiple problems with transactions. We have to process all transactions anew to be able to conduct an audit. We will also change all ANI deposit addresses.

    Dev team is preparing for FIAT launch and cannot direct its resources to ANI coin issue at the moment. However, we will attempt to resolve the issue by Monday, inclusive.

    We count on your understanding,

    Read more

  •  11:30
    September improvements
    on 07.10.2014 2 comments

    Dear Users,

    our team has worked hard the past month of September to deliver a fresh update. Below you will find the list of our latest improvement:

    1. We have paid a great deal of attention to interactive data update such as: oder list refresh, market list, active orders and balances. Optimized systems loads data instantly, which allows traders to always stay on top of market fluctuations.
    2. Personal orders' indicator was added to the general order list. An indicator, located to the right of the order, shows the number of your orders at the specified price.
    3. ...

    Read more

  •  12:55
    BunnyCoin bug
    on 29.09.2014 2 comments

    Dear users,

    A serious bug was located in Bunnycoin and thus we have to temporarily disactivate it. The same bug was once located within Dogecoin Wallet

    We attempt to audit all balances for this coin. Given that the bug seriously impedes the audit, the process may take some time.

    upd: 07.10.2014

    We have renewed Bunnycoin (BUN) trading. Withdrawals will be blocked for another 32 hours, until we complete the full audit of balances

    upd: 09.10.2014

    BunnyCoin withdrawal renewed.

    Read more

  •  15:00
    HTMLCoin upgrading
    on 23.09.2014 0 comments

    Dear users,

    We have upgraded HTMLcoin to HTML5coin. All balances were recalculated at the rate 13 HTML to 1 HTML5.

    For more information please visit

    Read more

  •  12:38
    Affiliate start
    on 09.09.2014 1 comment

    Dear Comkort users,

    We are happy to announce that we have updated and launched our referral system. We have also modified terms of service, which you can find here

    We hope you will find our improved referral service useful and productive! For any questions or comments please contact our support at

    Read more

  •  04:58
    August improvements
    on 29.08.2014 2 comments

    Dear users,

    During August we updated Comkort. Here is a list of general updates:

    • From now on Seller’s commission will be withheld in quote currency (BTC, LTC, DOGE), vs base currency as it was done before. This change was implemented in order to facilitate financial flows within our affiliate program as well as integrate new features and FIAT trading.
    • Minimum commission now comprises 1 Satoshi
    • From now, the minimum order volume is directly related to the price. The net total of the executed order to the Buyer has to be equal or greater than 1 Satoshi and - equal or greater than 2 Satoshi for the Seller
    • ...

    Read more

  •  00:29
    Nearest updates
    on 15.07.2014 7 comments

    Dear users. Thank you very much for your support with testing API. Currently we are working on next updates and features for API and trading:

    1. Remove order limitation for minimum amount. Now it depends from price. You can find information about limits here.
    2. Minimum fee will be 0.00000001.
    3. We are updating our trading and transaction processors. After update trader will work in 40 times faster.
    4. All forks will have their own page with status information. Also we will add this information to private and public API.

    Read more

  •  10:59
    Private API release
    on 07.07.2014 5 comments

    Earlier today we have launched a trade API in beta testing mode, which will last till July 20th.

    During the testing mode we intend to:

    1. Add a new method for deposit address generation
    2. Get user general information method
    3. Translate private API documentation into Russian
    4. Prepare API logs

    We will carefully monitor API logs and will do our best to promptly react to any possible issues. In case you have any issues or concerns, please let us know through our tech-support

    Read more

  •  23:35
    API launch delay
    on 02.07.2014 3 comments

    Dear Comkort traders!

    We kindly ask you to accept our apologies in regards to the API launch delay. We had unforeseen issues come up after internal testing on Friday. We expect to launch API on Sunday.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding, Comkort team

    Read more

  •  20:18
    New voting rules
    on 29.06.2014 5 comments

    Dear users,

    From Monday we will disable voting for guests and users without trading history.

    We will review votes for new coins and if they were using bots – we will reduce their votes.

    Read more

  •  17:00
    June improvements
    on 29.06.2014 0 comments

    Dear users,

    Today we updated Comkort. Here is a list of general updates:

    1. Security improvements: CSRF protection, XSS vulnerability fixes.
    2. Database optimizations. Server load reduced for 10%.
    3. Trader mechanic updates and polishing. Also we solved bug, which has been causing order blocking.
    4. Amount auto-replace removed from order creation form. Minimum amount label will be colored in red in case when order amount is less than minimal. In future we are going to remove amount limit at all.
    5. Now you can create order setting not only amount, but also total or net-total.
    6. Commenting news you can click in other username to place it into chat box.

    Trading API will be launched in next 24 hours. We have to finish several preparations.

    Read more

  •  09:41
    Service suspended for maintenance 29 of June
    on 27.06.2014 2 comments

    Dear users,

    June 29th Comkort service will be suspended for maintenance from 9AM to 9PM GMT.

    Voting results will be announced Monday and coins will be added accordingly.

    Deposits will stay active throughout maintenance.

    Read more

  •  17:29
    June 28 update
    on 19.06.2014 2 comments

    Great News!

    COMKORT team is preparing a big update to the exchange.

    Among most notable updates are:

    1. Security improvements
    2. UI improvements and most importantly
    3. Launch of PRIVATE API! 

    We expect to install an update on June 28th!


    Read more

  •  10:11
    Server malfunction 13 of June
    on 14.06.2014 1 comment

    Dear COMKORT users,

    Tonight there was an unexpected server malfunction that suspended front-end operations, and front-end only! No transactions or security related operations were affected!

    We take full responsibility for this unfortunate state of events and ask all our traders to kindly accept COMKORT team's apologies. No such thing should happen in the future!

    At the moment Comkort exchange is operating at its normal mode.

    Regards, Comkort

    Read more

  •  21:27
    Wrong trade pairs BTC/LTC and BTC/DOGE removed
    on 03.06.2014 0 comments

    Today we removed two pairs: BTC/LTC, BTC/DOGE. Pairs LTC/BTC, DOGE/BTC are still available.

    All orders have been canceled and reserved coins returned to you balances.

    Read more

  •  13:15
    Coin2, WorldCoin and Thorcoin were temporarily suspended
    on 03.06.2014 0 comments

    Coins Coin2, WorldCoin and Thorcoin were temporarily suspended from service due to wallet updates. Coins will be reinstated within 48 hours

    Read more

  •  17:28
    3 new coins per week
    on 27.05.2014 3 comments

    Dear Users,

    Unfortunately we have to decrease the number of voting winners from 6 to 3. We made this decision based on our evaluation of new coins quality and sustainability

    Besides within two weeks we will list those coins that will be removed from our trading platform. Our goal is quality not quantity and thus we shall filter coin offering based on demand and volume.

    New coins will be added shortly

    Read more

  •  21:49
    on 19.05.2014 2 comments

    We disabled all operations for DIEM, as we found critical bug at updated wallet. Waiting for fix from dev team.

    Read more

  •  21:05
    Animecoin, Dougcoin and Bytecoin (BCN)
    on 12.05.2014 1 comment

    Hello everyone!

    We disabled Dougcoin and Animecoin operations. Currently we have problems with processing transactions for these coins. Transaction processor work too long with two of these coins, when there are Immature transactions. We have problems only with these coins. We are working on that problem and do all our best to find a solution.

    Bytecoin integration is in progress. We had some issues on our side, and also on wallet side.

    New coins installed, but will be enabled in next 12 hours. Sorry for a delay, todays issues with Dougcoin and Animecoin took much time.

    Read more

  •  23:36
    on 05.05.2014 0 comments

    We disabled Animecoin due to problems with processing its transactions. We will fix that problem ASAP. It can take several days. 

    Read more

  •  22:32
    XXLCoin and new coins
    on 05.05.2014 0 comments

    XXLCoin now available.

    New coins will be added in 4 hours.

    Read more

  •  20:45
    XXLCoin temporary blocked
    on 04.05.2014 6 comments

    XXLCoin temporary blocked due to problems with wallet sync.

    Read more

  •  09:08
    Thorcoin and Pxlcoin blockchain stucked
    on 04.05.2014 0 comments

    We disabled all operations for this coins due to blockchain stuck.

    Read more

  •  08:08
    on 28.04.2014 2 comments

    We have issues with Cleanwater wallet. All operations for that coin - blocked. We will unblock it after all checkings.

    Read more

  •  15:06
    Some news
    on 26.04.2014 6 comments

    We disabled trading and withdrawal for Colossuscoin due to synchronization problems. After wallet update and downloading new checkpoint we have negative balances on several accounts. We will try to fix it during next week.

    On Friday we enabled trading for Duckduckcoin.

    Bytecoin (BCN) integration will be started on Monday. Rough estimate – 1 week. We hope it will be ready till 8th of May.

    Read more

  •  22:54
    New coins
    on 21.04.2014 12 comments

    New coins were added: Rapecoin, PolisCoin, EntropyCoin

    Coins: UltimateCoin, Eurocoin - synchronization problems. We will try to fix it nearest time.

    Coin: Bytecoin [BCN] - that is unique coin with unique API. We need time to integrate it at our side. We are already contacted BCN developers.

    Read more

  •  21:41
    New coins and DUCKDUCKCOIN
    on 20.04.2014 2 comments

    New coins will be added in next 24 hours.

    The list of coins:

    • BCN Bytecoin
    • RAP Rap-eCoin
    • ULT UltimateCoin
    • PCC Polishcoin
    • ENC EntropyCoin
    • EUC Eurocoin


    Due to problems with user wallets and blockchain issues we disabled trading for DUCK pairs. We are waiting for new wallet version from dev team

    Read more

  •  18:37
    Problem solved
    on 20.04.2014 0 comments

    Firstly, we want to apologize. We had to block all services to prevent mass problems with your account balances.

    What has happened?

    Yesterday we made large update. One of updates was for trader processor. Good news – it works in ~10 times faster than before and we changed processing of float numbers to prevent micro leaks between user balance and reserve balance. But there was a bug, which caused difference between user database balance and real account balance at offline accounts database. That is why you got errors during withdrawal. Your coins were in safe, because we are make many checking’s before allow withdrawals and system has detect difference between balances.

    Now problem fixed and we carefully synchronized all balances. After synchronization we made double check with trade volumes.

    Thank you for patience and sorry for inconvenience.

    Trading and withdrawals now works.

    Read more

  •  18:30
    on 20.04.2014 3 comments

    We found the problem and fixed it. Now we need to synchronize all trades with wallets. After that we will unblock all services. We will let you know when we are done.

    Current estimate: 8PM GMT.

    Read more

  •  03:51
    Synchronization problem
    on 20.04.2014 8 comments

    Dear users, we have to apologize but we are forced to suspend trading and withdrawal of funds till 8PM GMT because of synchronization problem between database accounts and real wallet balances that occurred after yesterday's update. We want to assure you that all funds are safe and our development team is already solving this problem.

    We will keep you informed.

    Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Read more

  •  01:07
    Scheduled update
    on 12.04.2014 1 comment

    Tomorrow at 3PM GMT we will choose new coins and will suspend service for update for 3 hours.
    Service will renew at 6PM GMT.

    upd: We have to apologize but we have to postpone update till tomorrow same time. New coins will be added within 24 hours.

    Read more

  •  09:14
    Interactive service problems
    on 11.04.2014 0 comments

    Good day. Today(11/04/14) in the course of 3 hours, we had an issue with displaying data. One of the servers that was responsible for server-client connection went down.

    Unfortunately, we were not fast enough to respond. The service is now back to normal operations.

    Our technical team is investigating the reason for shut down. COMKORT team apologizes for any inconvenience.

    Read more

  •  09:34
    Duckduckcoin trade halted
    on 10.04.2014 1 comment

    We temporary disabled trading for all DUCK pairs. There is an issue with deposits and input transactions. Our wallet is on the latest version. Currently Duckduckcoin Block Explorers show different block height.

    As soon as that problem will be fixed, trading will be enabled.

    Read more

  •  23:47
    Email service
    on 08.04.2014 1 comment

    Dear friends,

    Yesterday we changed email delivery service. We will test new one during next 2 days. If you can’t get our emails – let us now through email: or our support system. We will help you ASAP.

    Read more

  •  17:03
    Public API
    on 27.03.2014 3 comments

    Implemented public API.

    Read more at API page.

    Read more

  •  07:28
    Voting results
    on 23.03.2014 1 comment

    So, finally, after the first week’s voting round is over, we can announce the winners.

    And the lucky winners are:

    Imperial Coin (IPC), Stashcoin (STA), O2ocoin (O2O), Xedoscoin (XDC), Topcoin (TOP), Lottocoin (LOT)

    Read more

  •  01:03
    New coins
    on 23.03.2014 1 comment

    News coins will be added at 7:00 PM GMT.

    We apologize for misunderstanding. We made an error in our tweet

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  •  16:07
    Voting for coins
    on 21.03.2014 2 comments

    We changed voting rules. Now only 3 votes/hour for registered users and only 1 for guests.

    Stop using bots for voting. We will remove votes from bots.

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  •  10:45
    Big update
    on 19.03.2014 1 comment

    20th March update

    Having completed proofing of our service, we've released an update that would make using Comkort an even better experience. Here is a complete list of updates and improvements:

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  •  06:21
    20th March Update
    on 19.03.2014 2 comments

    This was a substantial update. But we've finished. Detailed list of updates will be published at 10AM GMT. Anyway, some main things:

    • assignment of 0,2% commission fee
    • try new dropdown list of active orders.
    • we added coins voting. Check right here
    • we blocked withdrawals till 10AM GMT. We want to be sure, new transaction processor is working without leaks. We apologize for inconvenience.

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  •  04:13
    March 19th updates
    on 18.03.2014 0 comments

    Dear Subscribers,

    on March 19th, 2014,10:00AM GMT to 8:00PM, service on will be suspended due to technical maintenance. After the completion of maintenance, we will renew operations with a substantial update which entails:

    • increased security for users' accounts
    • updated order processing system
    • new tech-support monitoring system
    • assignment of 0,2% commission fee
    • bonus awards to users
    • cryptocoin voting feature
    • simplified procedure of adding new forks
    • interface updates and new features

    We count on your understanding and will do our best to complete maintenance within the shortest time possible.

    Comkort team

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  •  18:39
    Our work
    on 10.03.2014 9 comments

    Our team is working hard to finish all updates for Comkort engine. There are many new features and fixes. We will try to release updates nearest time. Release date will be announced as soon as possible.

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  •  18:09
    First week
    on 02.03.2014 5 comments

    It has been a week since we launched our Platform. Over 1000 users have registered since. We did not spend this time in vain, and have made numerous additions, and here is a short list of them:...

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  •  11:51
    We added 6 new forks
    on 02.03.2014 1 comment

    We are happy to announce 6 new forks on "Comkort", and as the result - 18 new pairs.

    • Saturncoin
    • Syncoin
    • Ultracoin
    • Digibyte
    • Dougcoin
    • QubitCoin

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  •  00:11
    Pair DOGE/LTC
    on 01.03.2014 2 comments

    We removed pair LTC/DOGE and enabled pair DOGE/LTC.

    Also, tomorrow we are going to add 4 new forks.

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  •  22:41
    Notifications fixed
    on 24.02.2014 5 comments

    We fixed notifications and now you will receive only yours notifications. Also balance reset (in UI) fixed.

    Next update will be tomorrow. There will be UI and security fixes

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  •  20:41
    Notifications issue and coins
    on 23.02.2014 2 comments

    There is a problem with notifications right now. Sometimes you can get wrong notifications about complete orders or wrong balance in accounts list.

    We are working on it and will fix that issue ASAP.

    Free coins

    We will proceed giving you free coins from forks in the evening (after 8:00 PM GMT). For this moment we don't have any more Leprocoins.

    Also we will decrease minimal amount for trading with low price, so you can use these coins for trading.

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  •  01:38
    Server update at 10:00 GMT
    on 23.02.2014 8 comments

    From 10:00 to 12:00 GMT we will block for maintenance: creating orders, withdrawal, transfers.

    After maintenance you will get free coins we promised you before.


    We need more time. Maintenance till 14:00 GMT

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  •  10:35
    Latest news
    on 21.02.2014 4 comments

    We fixed the bug that occured during trades. Now all coins reach their addressee. That means that those of you who did not receive coins at their account will do so within the next couple of hours. We have a tracking system that allows us to monitor who did not receive their funds and respond promptly.

    Bonuses and Coupons: we stay true to our promise and will implement bonus system after the end of beta testing. At this point, when commission fee is set to zero, bonus system does not make sense.

    Free Coins will be dispensed tomorrow morning.

    We want to express special thanks to those users who keep us up to date with errors that they encounter.

    Those users referred by you prior to the launch will be linked to your account after they complete their registration. Please note that if the referred users will register from an alternate email we will not be able to guarantee the connection between your and another user accounts

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  •  02:59
    Chinese localization
    on 21.02.2014 0 comments

    亲爱的中国用户: 很高兴您能选择,但非常抱歉我们还不能为您提供中文的页面翻译,我们会尽快开设中文服务窗口,谢谢您的支持。

    Dear users from China, we are very glad that our services became of such interest to you. Unfortunately we did not have sufficient time to adapt our system to Chinese. However, we will do our best to add Chinese localization within the nearest future.

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  •  01:33
    on 21.02.2014 12 comments

    Cryptocurrency trading platform is now open for Beta testing. During trial period commission fee is set to 0%. We plan to run trial period for two weeks, until midnight March 7th, 2014

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  •  14:00
    We opened
    on 20.02.2014 14 comments
    Welcome! Full text in 1 hour

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